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Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father

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A filmmaker trying to memorialize his murdered friend discovers that the woman who killed him was pregnant with his late friend's son.

Dear Zachary

At first glance this film may seem rare and strange, but its ultimate purpose began as an extremely noble work, and the film would serve to tell a boy (Zachary Bagby), the story of his father (Andrew Bagby), and explain who he was as a person through the testimony of friends and family. The circumstances under which it was necessary to make this kind of video diary, is that Andrew Bagby was murdered by his son’s mother while she was pregnant. One of the most dramatic and endearing documentaries that was ever made.


Kurt Kuenne


Andrew Bagby
Himself (as Dr. Andrew Bagby)
David Bagby
Himself - Father
Kathleen Bagby
Herself - Mother
Shirley Turner
Herself - Ex-Girlfriend
Zachary Andrew Turner
Himself - Son
Kurt Kuenne
Himself (voice)