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2008 73min

Hair India

  • English, Italian, Bengali
  • English

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The journey of a young Indian woman's hair, donated to the Temple to be then converted into exquisite hair extensions in Italy. This same hair will then return to India to satisfy the whim of a successful career woman in Bombay. A story of the cult of beauty in the era of globalization. An original view of today's India with its contradictions.

Hair India, a journey from faith to hairdressing

Amid a crowd of men and women of all ages, an Indian woman with a shaved head gives her hair during the sacred ceremony she assists. After her religious gesture, the faithful woman will not know where her hair will end up.

Hair India is the documentary that follows the trail of this hair in the transformation process, from being a sign of religious sacrifice to a precious accessory in the world of Western beauty.

"Hair is the first thing an Indian woman look after," says a hairdresser to her client, the editor of the fashion section of a women's magazine, who will be one of the characters in this movie.

The lens of filmmakers Raffaele Brunetti and Marco Leopardi allows us to see only a branch of the beauty economy at the expense of faith.

A dynamic camera moves from the temple of Simachalan to Bangalore, Bombay and even to the other side of the world, where a large manufacturer of hair extensions awaits the arrival from India of new merchandise.