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Nanook of the North

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Nanook Of The North is Robert J. Flaherty’s beautiful film about an Inuit man named Nanook and his family. Filmed during one year of their life in the icy desolation of Northern Canada. The film was an enormous success and is the founder of the documentary film genre.

Nanook of the North

We need to go back to 1922 to find the (wrongly) considered first documentary film in history. Under the title of Nanook of the North, Robert J. Flaherty shows us the daily life and routines of an Inuit community in northern Quebec, Canada. The family leader and main character of the documentary, Nanook, lives, works and overcomes the harsh weather and terrain conditions with his wife Nyla and their baby.

The documentary generated controversy because of its prepared scenes and the dramatization –or recreation- of a kind of life that no longer existed (we need to recall that at that time there was no separated concept between fiction and non-fiction movies).


It is even said that the woman was not the real Nanook’s wife, but the director’s one. Anyways, it is definitely a MUST for the fans of the genre.


Robert J. Flaherty
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Nanook's wife, the smiling one
Nanook's wife
Nanook's son
Nanook's son